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The Nott Our baby brand.

The Nott products consist of 100% Handmade Clothing and Accessories. All are produced using traditional methods. We use natural stones, real stone beads, and natural materials in our products. These designs, produced by our industrious women by hand, provide them with a sustainable income. As we know that women's employment has undeniable importance at the development level of a country, we support the financial empowerment and socialization of women in our country.


Although The Nott may seem like a brand that sells accessories and unique handmade products, it is a parallel formation with the experience we have gained over many years in the field of creative production. This formation is also a laboratory for our customers as well as for us. Here we make Unique and handmade almost personalized designs. 

These designs make us active and update us in every field we serve. And of course, it is also a station where we enjoy trying new things a lot.

 Handmade Accessories Atelier
Handmade jewelry atelier
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